The Adventures of Duet

Duet at anchor in the San Juan Islands
This is the blog of the motor vessel, Duet, Hull #15 of the Nordhavn 50 series, and her crew, Ron and Nancy Goldberg. Prior to this Duet, Ron and Nancy cruised Nordhavn 46, Hull #50, also named Duet.  When not aboard Duet, Ron and Nancy are based at Lake Tahoe and can be reached at  
Winter 2013 03/31/2014
October - To bond or not to bond, that is the question And that's enough paraphrasing of the great bard. As our regular readers know, electrical systems are one of Chief Engineer Ron's favorites. Aboard the new Duet, the survey identified the bonding system as needing attention. Work started while Duet was ... More>
Astoria to Portland 09/02/2013
As our regular readers may recall, at this point Duet had arrived in Astoria, OR, after an overnight journey from Neah Bay, WA.  We had dropped the hook in a nice little bay a few miles up river from Astoria, had a glass of wine and taken a nap. Upon awakening from a nice nap, Nancy went, as she ... More>
Our "First" Offshore Journey 07/27/2013
At long last, we are actually going to take the new Duet somewhere. Not just somewhere, but 400 miles, including about 180 miles offshore and then across the Columbia River Bar, which is one of the more dangerous river entrances in the US, if not the world. What were we thinking? As Wikipedia ... More>
Four Busy Days 06/12/2013
Soon enough we were back at Duet again, for the planned 4 day weekend to replaced the main coolant pump and get Duet rigged for our offshore journey. The pump had returned, nicely rebuilt and repainted, complete with all the parts necessary to replace it. Unfortunately, as is often the case, since Ron didn't ... More>
A Rescue 05/25/2013
After what seemed like a very short time, we were back aboard Duet for Memorial Day week. This trip was focused on testing everything we hadn't tested yet, which included yet another version of anchor chain. It turns out that G43 chain is “transport” chain and doesn't play well with Maxwell windlasses. This was ... More>
Cruise to Spencer Spit 04/01/2013
After what seemed like an endless refit, but was really only about the half way point, based on Captain Ron's list for Duet, we decided we should actually take her somewhere to try out all this new gear. So we returned to Seattle in early April and set off for the San Juan Islands. The trip ... More>
The Refit Part 2 03/01/2013
Once Duet returned from Delta, more work began. Jeff's team was busy working on several things at once, fortunately they are not all in the same place on the boat. We visited periodically during this time, and were able to watch Duet on Salmon Bay Marine Center's web cam number 6. Many friends watched her ... More>
Nordhavn Changes Over the Years 02/01/2013
While we realize our readers are anxiously awaiting part two of Duet's refit, in the meantime we thought we would provide some pictures of various Nordhavn models over the years.  This gallery was developed during the search for Duet, and focuses on the 50 versus other models, as that is where ... More>
The Refit Part 1 01/01/2013
Time passed quickly for Duet's crew.  We left her with Jeff's team in mid November, and here it was the end of December and we were in Seattle again.  Naturally it was raining. But first a bit on what happened to Duet while we were gone.  Our project list included some 29 projects, all neatly laid ... More>
The Move To Seattle 11/13/2012
Duet holds her own with the big boys at Salmon Bay Marine     After a month or so in Anacortes, during which, amazingly, everything went fine, it was time to move Duet to Seattle, into the capable hands of Jeff Sanson and his team at Pacific Yacht Management .  On our previous boat, we did almost ... More>
Managing a boat long distance 09/05/2012
So, after a great two weeks we returned home to Lake Tahoe.  Captain Ron went back to work as Dr. Ron and Nancy settled into life at the lake.  All went well, for a day or two.  Our regular readers know that we are used to having Duet within an easy drive.  Unfortunately, West Coast ... More>
The First Cruise 08/25/2012
Ron in his element in Duet's cockpit So there we were, with a new (to us) boat, all ready to go cruising.  Actually not quite.  First Nancy had to get through all the logistics of boat paperwork, dockage, insurance, changing the boat name, etc.  Not only that, but we needed sheets, towels, galley ... More>
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