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Duet at anchor, Tahanea Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia

This is the blog of Duet, Hull 15 of the Nordhavn 50 series, and her crew, Ron and Nancy Goldberg.  Prior to this, Ron and Nancy cruised aboard a Nordhavn 46, Hull number 50 of the series, also named Duet. When not aboard Duet, Ron and Nancy are based at Lake Tahoe and can be reached at ncmgoldberg @  

Duet is now in San Diego, where she will enjoy a well earned rest before we begin our next adventure.  

Duet Departs Bora Bora Westward for Somewhere

Duet Departs Bora Bora Westward for Somewhere

Duet left Bora Bora yesterday (Thursday June 7) in the late afternoon, bound for either American Samoa or Fiji, depending on what the weather does. Pago Pago in American Samoa is about 1,000 miles, or 7 days, while SavuSavu in Fiji is about 1,800 miles or 12 days, from here. We won't decide where we are ending up until early next week.

Right now we are on a more northerly track to Pago Pago, which keeps us out of the bumpier weather down south. Turning more south to Fiji at some point won't increase the trip distance much, so we can do it until about 48 hours before we arrive in Pago Pago, at which point we are pretty far north. Duet has 1,700 gallons of fuel aboard, so we can easily reach Fiji, even with air conditioning at night!

You can follow our track at enter Duet1 and June 7 and you should be able to see us slowly chugging along. Positions are posted every 4 hours or so, but don't worry if we are a bit late with that, sometimes Nancy forgets to do it ;)

Dawn is just breaking here now, so Nancy is on watch, while Sean and Ron are asleep. We are following the same schedule as we did crossing from Mexico last year, so everyone has fallen easily into the routine. All is well, the weather is good, we have plenty of food and Duet is doing her usual competent job of safely and comfortably conveying us across the globe.

Remember, no news is good news, so don't worry if you don't hear from us for a few days, we are still here but not much is going on.

Ron, Nancy and Sean
Duet, Nordhavn 50#15
Crossing the South Pacific

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Interesting route over land. (

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Good luck guys!

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Hey Gang!

Safe travels and hope you have a great cruise! We spent a few days with
Sean and his family a few weeks back and he was pretty jazzed about getting
back onboard Duet.

Cheers, John & Tracey, MVPairadice

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