The Adventures of Duet 
Duet at anchor, Tahanea Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia

This is the blog of Duet, Hull 15 of the Nordhavn 50 series, and her crew, Ron and Nancy Goldberg.  Prior to this, Ron and Nancy cruised aboard a Nordhavn 46, Hull number 50 of the series, also named Duet. When not aboard Duet, Ron and Nancy are based at Lake Tahoe and can be reached at ncmgoldberg @  

Duet is now in San Diego, where she will enjoy a well earned rest before we begin our next adventure.  

Duet Arrives Safely in Fiji

Duet arrived safely in Savusavu, Fiji, and we are awaiting the local officials to clear us in. It is early Tuesday morning here in Fiji, Duet crossed the International Date Line last night.

We traveled 1,766 nautical miles in just under 11 days. More statistics will be available later. Duet, as usual, ran beautifully the entire way, despite some bumpy weather.

It's very nice to be here!

Thank you all for following along.

Ron, Nancy and Sean
Duet, N50#15
Lying Savusavu, Fiji

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Congratulations!! Blessed will be heading south - Costa Rica, Panama -
South America??) beginning
January. In the meantime we enjoyed your slip (got bumped for a bigger boat
-80'') and the Sea of Cortez.

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Hooray! Looking forward to hearing more stories and seeing some pictures!

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Wow how fabulous. Congrats.

Sue McKenney

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