The Adventures of Duet 
Duet at anchor, Tahanea Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia

This is the blog of Duet, Hull 15 of the Nordhavn 50 series, and her crew, Ron and Nancy Goldberg.  Prior to this, Ron and Nancy cruised aboard a Nordhavn 46, Hull number 50 of the series, also named Duet. When not aboard Duet, Ron and Nancy are based at Lake Tahoe and can be reached at ncmgoldberg @  

Duet is still in Fiji as of the end of November.  It has been difficult to get a good weather window to travel west. Based on current conditions, we expect to arrive in Australia by the end of December, or possibly sooner if all goes perfectly. 

Current Blog Article: Cruising in Fiji - Part Two


SUBJECT: Re: Cruising in Fiji - Part Two From Blessed and your old slip in Costa Baja. Hey Nancy I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful details of the good, the bad and the ugly of your travels. We are moving on to Panama the first week of January, transiting in May and will be exploring the east coast the following season. I have installed Open CPN, GPS tracking and GE for my laptop. I downloaded GE charlets from an existing source via Panama Posse. Did you create your own GE images for your route or did you create them yourself? If you obtained them "all ready for Open CPN from what source were you able to get them? Thanks a ton! On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 6:11 PM < blogcomments-J6A70@[...]> wrote: >

 johnr.cavanagh  12/11/2018


Exciting. Great narrative 

Confirming my desire never to take a trip like that...Thanks.  We enjoyed 

every moment 

Happy New Year 

Deb and Mark 

 Mark Rosenberg  12/4/2018


Thanks for a wonderful 'trip'. My boating experiences 'inland' haven't prepared me for the amount of ongoing maintenance you're involved in.

 Chris Smith  12/3/2018


Great to hear from you guys and see some pictures!  Sounds like a great trip and experience.  Look forward to catching up in person.  Stay safe ....hugs, J&C

 Carol and Joe  12/3/2018


Great blog Ron and Nancy chock full of interesting information, stories and accounts of some hefty food bills. Wow!  The grocery shopping is a total wallet buster there in Fiji. 

Take care and be safe and please avoid cyclonic weather on your way to Australia. Hugs,

Michael and Mabel 


 Michael Reynolds  11/30/2018