The Previous Duet

The Previous Duet

Before this Duet, we owned hull number 50 of the famous Nordhavn 46 series. She was also named Duet. 

Duet began life as the Nordhavn Newport boat show boat in 1996.  She spent the first 3 years of her life cruising New England under the name Rapture.  We bought her in 1999 and sold her when we decided to move back to land.  She was a great boat, she took care of us no matter what we did, and she turned heads wherever she went.

In 2007, Duet was renamed Phantom and cruised as far south as the BVI and as far north as Maine, with her new owners, Don and Dayle.In 2014 they sold her, as they weren’t using her enough. Nordhavns are meant to be cruised. 

Her new owners, Norman and Clarice, renamed her Salish Aire.  They are from Seattle, so Duet boarded a freighter to journey to her new home.

Nordhavn 46s are wonderful boats.  Duet is nearly 20 years old, and here she is starting a new life, with new owners, in a new ocean.

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